About Us


While stationed at MacDill Airforce Base in 2012, Matt and Adam started the Pilot Network as a small Facebook group. Matt came from the Air Force Reserves, while Adam served in the USAF Air National Guard. As veterans, Matt and Adam had lived through the challenges and successes of military service. Wanting to give back, they started TPN as a way to share information about the transition from military to commercial aviation with a small group of military pilots.

What started out as a simple desire to reconnect with old military colleagues has grown into an international community of over 30,000 members, all bound by their passion for aviation. TPN is driven by the commitment to serve not only military aviators, but also all members of the aviation industry. The purpose of TPN has always been to cultivate a fun, inviting atmosphere for pilots to swap stories and learn from each other. 

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve now grown into a premiere networking platform for pilots with a variety of offerings for our members and sponsors. From our annual TPNx Conference and weekly podcast to our quarterly magazine and premium membership app, TPN provides a treasure trove of resources to keep pilots informed and connected. Whether it’s the latest in aviation technology or career development advice, TPN is dedicated to keeping pilots engaged in the community and providing them with opportunities to grow. 


It all starts with a community of like-minded people – a rising tide lifts all boats!